Simple and Short Videos for the DIY Homeowner, to help them do the work the Right Way. House to Home is happy offer some advice and tricks to painting.
How to Apply First Coat of Mud to Corner Bead. These are DIY videos that show residents how to do construction work the right way.
House to HOME offers shares how to videos. In this video, Adam tapes and muds a bad router cut to make it look nice.
How to Patch a Hole in the Wall. This is a proper drywall patching technique. This hole in the wall needs backing for strength. This video also shows how to properly Tape and Mud. House to HOME Construction is a Utah based company.
Quick video on How to Put Together a Shelf Reliance Food Rotation System
How to Mud and Tape a Corner on First Coat.

How to do a first coat of mud on a butt joint when doing it yourself. House to HOME help offers short simple videos to do your own remodel.
How to Apply First Coat of Mud on a Corner After Taping. House to HOME Help Videos offer correct techniques on DIY home remodel, renovation, and repair.
How to Apply First Coat on Mud for DYI Home Owners. House to HOME is a licensed company. Adam is a high quality general contractor with years of experience.

How to Tape a Butt Joint

How to Mud Screws on a First Coat.